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Risky Business

A Jungian view of environmental disasters and the nature archetype.
by Stephen J. Foster

In Risky Business, environmental disasters, our relationship with nature and the Nature archetype are explored from a Jungian perspective through the use of nature myths that illustrate greed and environmental destruction.

Stephen Foster, Ph.D., MA, LPC, ​​​

is a Diplomate Jungian analyst with a private practice in Boulder, Colorado. He graduated from the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts, Colorado Jung Institute, and is a Senior Training Analyst with the Boulder Association of Jungian Analysts

Jungian psychology has its origins in creativity and in the development of the individual.  This means doing Jungian analysis can relieve symptoms (anxiety, depression, ADD, dissociation, etc.), which Jung saw the psyche trying to heal itself. And it can connect you to your creative process (break writer’s block, open the artistic process, etc.) allowing deeper psychological work and self-improvement.

In analysis we use dreams, images, movies, fairy tales and myths to explore the personal and collective unconscious, or our deeper roots and a constant source of archetypal images.

If you are interested in exploring healing, creativity or engaging with your individuation process, contact me and we can explore if it is right for you.

Stephen Foster is a Jungian Analyst in Boulder who practices psychotherapy and dream work, and who works with artists, writers and creative adults adults to explore the archetypal dimensions of creative work